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Used for : Continuous printing or printing 360° wrap around cylindrical parts. It can be integrated in an automated system as a printing unit or used as a stand alone. The drive system can be made by an optional chain or external toothed wheel or directly via an electric motor. Parts can be made in small to medium quantities.

Control: pneumatically 6 bar, Width of cliché cylinder: 50/100 mm, and diameter of roller pad: 200 mm

Offers :Unique direct printing technology with solvent, UV or water-based inks designed for small, medium, large series.

Extensible from : 1 upto any number of colors with varnish.

Used for : The ideal solution for printing on edges of small profiles, such as skirting-boards, cable ducts and bowed profiles is our high-quality edge printing machine.


  • Complex designs possible like marble or wood structure imitation
  • Output speed ranges from 5 to 30 m/minute
  • Highly scratch, UV and weather resistance of the prints (inside and outside use)
  • User-friendly and flexible operation resulting in quick design changeover (patented)


  • Engraved design cylinder based on sleeve technology (patented)
  • Closed inking chamber (patented).
  • Rubber transfer cylinder based on sleeve technology (patented)
  • Integrated cleaning of the transfer cylinder (patented)
  • Accurate design regeneration using synchronized print heads
  • Optional external speed control (following the production line)


  • Printing on soft or hard PVC or ABS profiles, sheets or edges with minimal thickness of 1 mm and standard maximum printing width of 540 mm.
  • Image repetition of 746 mm (decor cylinder with diameter of 237,5 mm).
  • Machine can be placed in-line into the production process directly after extrusion or be operated as stand-alone to print onto profiles, sheets or edges of any length