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Consists of : A cycle conveyor equipped with 6 standard “Hermetic 9-11? padprinting machines with integrated ink residue pick-up system.

Output: The output is approx. 2000 deodorant rollers/hour; printing front with 4 colors; printing rear with 2 colors; colors can be distributed any way over front and rear.

No. of colors: Up to 6 pad printing inks possible. All modules are controlled and checked using a Siemens PLC controller. This is positioned centrally in a touch screen unit which is housed in a swivel-mounted articulated arm.


Multi-station rotary indexer with several amount of spindles.
Quick, straightforward bit replacement.
Multi-station rotary indexer.
Sensored ‘Smart Fixturing’ and total controls package.
Customizable control package and administration access levels.
Wide variety of configurations.
Optional bulk supply hopper.

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