UV, Green and IR Lasers Yag & Vanadate (YVO4) lasers 

  • Beam Deflection: Digital High Speed galvanometer scanners.

Focusing: Digital High Speed galvanometer scanners which can be Diode-Pumped Lasers and Lamp Pumped Lasers.
Excel at: Ablation, annealing, bonding, chemical vapor deposition, deep engraving, dicing, fusing, kerfing, micro-welding, multi-layer micro-cutting, pattern cutting, photo mask repair, scribing & scrubbing, slotting, surface removal, through-hole drilling, trepan drilling, trimming, via-hole drilling etc.


 INFRAREDGreenUltra Violet
Wavelength (nm)1064532355
Output Power (W)10 to 2002 to 501 to 28
Beam Pointing Stability(mrad)15 to 3015 to 4018 to 30
Mode TypeMulti-Mode, Low order mode, TEM00Multi-Mode, Low-Order modeLow Order mode operations
Pulse Width (ns)17 to 26025 to 15018 to 20
Beam Quality (M2)1.3<2.5<2.5
Standard Marking Field* (mm)100 to 250100 to 250100 to 250

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IR wavelength is used to mark a variety of materials including metals, ceramics, composites, and some plastics.
Green wavelength is ideal for composites and some plastics. Ultraviolet is used to mark glass and some plastics.

UV laser machine has high accuracy for printing any materials.  



UV, Green and IR Lasers

                         Yag & Vanadate (YVO4) lasers