• Air-cooled, no water required.
  • Hermetically sealed laser to protect optics.
  • Field replaceable pump diodes.
  • 4 U rock-mountable control electronics.
  • Interfaces with most beam delivery systems.


CW Power (W)7 to 204 to 81 to 2
Mode typeLow order modeTEM ooTEM oo
Pulse-to-Pulse Stability223
Pulse Width [ns]15 to 2520 to 2518 to 20
Repetition RateAdjustable up to 3 KHAdjustable up to 3 KHz1 – 10 KHz
Beam Pointing Stability303030
Beam Diameter [mm]0.7 to
Beam Divergence [mrad]2.5 to 4.522
Beam Quality1.2 to

All specifications are subject to change

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IR wavelength is used to mark a variety of materials including metals, ceramics, composites, and some plastics.

Green wavelength is ideal for composites and some plastics.

Ultraviolet is used to mark glass and some plastics.