• Used to: Cut precise patterns in almost all types of materials including metal, plastic, and paper which results in a fine cut due to beam quality and short wavelength which results in a higher level of accuracy and higher quality cut. The beam can be focused to a very small diameter with extreme precision.
  • Offers: This allows a typical laser material such as alloyed steel, metal Tungsten, ceramics like aluminum oxide, silicon, hard metals and polycrystalline diamond to cut as small as 1mm in size. Specialized lasers can cut even smaller which is even very useful for cutting small holes and also useful for piercing the material to start a cut in the interior, or to melt material when a constant beam is focused. Precise cuts are made through the material with good edge quality.

Major benefits of Laser Cutting Machine System include

  • Applicable to wide range of materials with Precision and accuracy and reliability.
  • Reliable and permanent process.
  • High speed repeatability.
  • Low setup time and tooling costs.
  • Easily programmable and automated.
  • Greater Flexibility and Versatility (the same tool can also be used for laser drilling and laser welding).
  • Fast turn-around times with minimum lead time.
  • Ease of maintenance and set-up.
  • Increase quality.

Laser Drilling System

  • Used for: Drilling Process, Cutting Process, Trimming Process, Scribing Process, Ablation, Laser Peeling, and so on.
  • Offers: This series offers high accuracy laser for micromachining (micro drilling, micro cutting, and micro milling). A dual wavelength laser micromachining system offers high throughput in a demanding industrial setting, high-quality, high-flexibility process development in the environment.
  • Applications include: Sintering, ablation, fine-pitch soldering, trimming, direct metal deposition, and many more.

Major benefits of laser Drilling Systems include

  • Highly accurate and consistent results.
  • Ease of programming and ready adaptability to automation.
  • Ability to drill small diameter holes with the tolerance of 1μm.
  • Greater Flexibility and Versatility (the same tool can also be used for laser cutting and laser welding).
  • Faster throughput.
  • Can drill through different materials such as high alloyed steel, precious and nonferrous metal, tungsten and molybdenum.
  • Easily programmable and resolvable with Low operating costs.
  • Ability to drill a wide range of materials and shapes.