Provides : The right system to meet your exact specifications and are best suited for Fiber, CO2, Diode, YAG, Excimer, Air cooled Pump Laser, or others.
Laser service : Varies in many industries including pharmaceutical, medical device, optoelectronics, semiconductor, computer electronics, packaging, and automotive. whatever your needs.

Machines include : Turn Key Automation Systems, Machine for Medical Devices, Laser Engraving with contrast on UHMW-PE; medical implants, 5 Color Pad Printing System , 4-Color Laser marking-engraving system with 8 station, etc.

Specifications for Laser Automated Systems include

  • Turn Key automation system with two rotary indexers: printing on container and welding lid to container
  • X-Y-Z-R axes; Part Transfer System with Pick & Place device to transport container from Pad Print dial plate nest,
      then rotate the part 90°
  • Automatic parts feeding system
  • Excellent beam quality
  • Peak Power Stability & symmetrical beam shape
  • Full RS-232 serial interface
  • Marking speeds of up to 5000 mm/sec
  • XY table for accurate color registration
  • Operator safety guarding with interlock switches and doors
  • Automatic Pad Cleaner
  • Maximum 800 parts per hour in continuous cycle mode
  • Touch screen for machine and Process control

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Laser Work Station & Automation

Laser Work Station & Automation