Amtec is the best Fiber Laser Machine supplier and manufacturer of fast and high-quality machines from more than 20 successful years. We are a leading supplier of high productivity manufacturing systems and services and have earned our status by fulfilling our dedication to one customer at a time. Unlike other traditional laser cutting laser beam systems, using our latest fiber optic technology, the complete transfer procedure is almost no power loss. The Fiber laser technology that we offer to our customers is one of the great options in laser-cutting equipment. Fiber optics provides a higher beam for higher cutting speeds—perfect for the etching of delicate materials. There are quite a lot of laser marking machines accessible in the market but with us, you will get the most advanced fiber laser marker with updated technology. It provides substantive benefit in recognizing product inventory and also the capability to provide consumer details on the products.

KEY FEATURES of Our Fiber Laser Engraver Machine:

Higher engraving Speed

Small operating costs

Laser transmission convenient,

High photoelectric exchange effectiveness

Low maintenance charges

High consistency and

Low breakdown rate

The cutting speed and the accurateness are what make our machine different from the marketplace. You can evaluate various products from the market before arriving at a conclusion with us. The way in which our fiber laser has been designed makes it one of the most suitable decisions for the work of cutting.

Provides : A superior marking performance on a wide range of materials.
Offers : Compact size for ease of integration into an existing workflow, or to occupy less floor space as a standalone marking unit.
Utilizes : A maintenance-free design with no laser consumables for years of trouble-free operation.

Compact Fiber Laser Machines Specification

Parameters: YLP-0.5/80/10YLP-1/100/20YLP-1/120/50YLP-2/500/50
Mode of operation PulsedPulsedPulsedPulsed
Energy per pulse (PRR=20kHz)mJ0.5112
Polarization RandomRandomRandomRandom
Central emission wavelengthnm1060-10701060-10701055-10701060-1070
Emission bandwidth (FWHM)nm<3<35-10<5
Pulse width, (FWHM)ns80100120500
Pulse Repetition Rate (PRR)kHz20-10020-5050-20020-50
Nominal average output powerWatts102050100
Output power (adjustable).%10-10010-10010-10010-100
Long term power stability%<5<52-5<5
Typical beam quality, M² 1.61.62<5
Operating voltageVAC110/220110/220110/220110/220
Max. power consumptionWatts16022010001000
Dimensions: Laser UnitInches5x14x6(H)5x14x6(H)6x16x6(H)6x16x8(H)
Dimensions: Work StationInches12x18x24(H)12x18x2412x20x2412x20x24
Red Laser Pointernm660660660660

All specifications are subject to change