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Focused down : To a very thin beam and used to cut like a scalpel.

Used in : Contour cutting deep penetration welding, marking, Engraving and drilling materials, die boards, etc.

Create : Permanent and high resolution marks on plastics, metals, wood, glass and other materials.

Features : Create permanent codes for lifetime traceability, solve changing product identification needs, integrates easily with automated systems, reduce manufacturing costs, expand coding option & ensures reliability.

Specifications for scan head option

Laser Tube Power range with 10, 30, 100, 250, 500 up to 4,000 watts
Beam Deflection Steered beam
Focusing Precision lens system
Focal length 100/200/300 mm.
Smart Job Graphical user interface under Windows for generation of layouts/working programs on external PCs
Full feature text/data/graphics/parameter editor
Optimized for electronic components marking
Easy access to standard CAD and graphics programs by convenient import functions.
Remote RS232/422 interfaces
Communication Up to 40 input/output ports for product detectors, machine/user interlocks, alarm signals, remote start/stop.
Optional Ethernet interface for PC networks, CAN interface
Bar code reader input
Shaft encoder input
Printhead Dual head option

All specifications are subject to change

Specifications of flat bed lasers

Optional Powerc 80W,100W,120W,130W,150W
Max. engraving speed 1000mm/s
Max. cutting speed 400mm/s
Min. forming character 1*1mm
Max. scanning precision 0.0254mm
Positioning precision 0.01mm
Gross power 3000W
Engrave curve surface 1.5mm
Cooler Water pump
Life time of laser tube 3000-4000 hours/8000-10000 hours (RECI)

All specifications are subject to change

Laser Samples