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Laser System is a combination of two (2) or more sub-systems which use Laser Technology and other technology for advanced manufacturing processes. Laser is a device that emits highly amplified and coherent radiation of discrete frequencies for several processes including but not limited to: Marking, Annealing, Ablation, Etching, Engraving, Scribing, Cutting, Drilling, Micro-machining, etc. These processes are used in development and manufacturing of aerospace, bio-medical, medical devices, semi-conductors, automotive and many other products. Laser offers consistent material processing and process control for some of the most stringent requirements.


These lasers are available in Infra-Red (IR); Green & Ultra-Violet (UV) frequencies for many specific applications. The laser sources may be Diode, Solid State or Flash-lamp

  • The IR Laser is used for marking on a variety of materials including metals, ceramics, titanium, monel, inconnel, composites and some plastics
  • The Green Laser is used for marking on some specific metals, composites and some plastics such as PE; UHMW; Delrin etc.
  • The UV Laser is used for marking on some specific metals, ceramics, alloys, delrin, silicone, TFE and PVC, PP, PE etc.

Laser Systems also include followings:

  • Laser Marking Machine;
  • Laser Scribing Machine;
  • Laser Annealing Machine;
  • Wafer Scribing;
  • Logo Marking;
  • Bar Code
  • Serial Numbering
  • Laser Etching Machine;
  • Laser Drilling Machine;
  • Laser Micro-Machining Machine;
  • Solar Panel Marking
  • Product Identification
  • UID Code
  • Coding
  • Laser Engraving Machine;
  • Laser Cutting Machine;
  • Ceramic Marking;
  • 2D Matrix;
  • Date Code
  • High Speed Processing


ND:YAG and ND: YVO4 Lasers

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Fiber Lasers

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Laser Workstation & Automation

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Laser Processes

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Laser Samples