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Provides : An extensive range of cliché materials and types of production now enables customers to select a cliché matched perfectly to their requirements.

We offer : State-of-the-art production facilities, wide range of hardware and software and effective structures of organization.

Cliché types

  • Micro flex-Cliché band
  • Magnet-micro flex-Cliché plates
  • Magnet-Aloxid-Cliché plates
  • Magnet-Eco-Cliché plates
  • Magnet-Aqua-Cliché plates
  • Aloxid-Spezial-Cliché plates
  • Record©-Spezial-Cliché plates
  • High-tech-Ceramic-Cliché plates / cylinders

AMTEC offers precision tooled steel plates for high volume pad printing production. Steel Clichés are desirable in printing operation where contaminants or environmental concerns may lead to excessive wear of photopolymer materials. Our exclusive gold etch process yields finer edge definition resulting in superior printing clarity

We have 4 different types of clichés :

  • Photopolymer Clichés
  • Laser Engraved
  • Ceramic
  • Steel.

Photopolymer Clichés

Photopolymer clichés (or polymer clichés) are photo-engraved. The process is fairly simple, and takes about 45 minutes to an hour to perform correctly. First you need to have a work space free of ambient ultraviolet (U.V.) light, because the cliche blanks are sensitive to U.V. Then, you need to have a film positive with sufficient image density. You also need a suitable exposure unit, line screen film, and developer / tray / pad. Most polymers require two exposures; one with the film positive and a second with a line screen. Following exposures, the cliche is then developed in either an alcohol solution or distilled water. After exposure the cliche must be re-exposed to harden the image area, and dried to remove moisture.

Laser Engraved

Aloxid & Micro flex clichés are laser engraved. These clichés are either aluminum or steel backed, depending on type. 

Aloxid – available in standard aluminum backed, or optional steel backed (for magnetic ink cup users). Aloxid clichés require a YAG laser. Aloxid clichés offer an nominal etch depth of 20 microns, and durability of 30-40 thousand impressions.

Micro flex - special patented material with a steel back. These cliches require either a CO2 or YAG laser. Excellent for multiple color or CMYK color work, with the industry’s highest resolution of up to 1200 d.p.i. (dots per inch). Durability of 10-20 thousand impressions.

Ceramic Cliches

Ceramic cliches are laser engraved, and provide the highest level of durability available. These cliches may be etched with either a YAG or CO2 laser. Because both sides of ceramic cliches can accept an image, you can etch both sides for maximum use. 


- 10mm thick, solid ceramic. Durability is 1-2 million impressions per side X 2 sides = 2-4 million impressions.


- Another Tampoprint patented material, 10mm thick, aluminum center with ceramic coating. Durability is 1-2 million impressions per side X 2 sides = 2-4 million impressions. Lighter and more fracture-resistant than solid ceramic cliches. High-Tech cliches also have a better image resolution due to their structure.

Steel Cliches

Steel cliches are chemically etched. Due to the complexity of the process, steel cliches are typically manufactured only by pad printing equipment suppliers.

Low Chrome – 10mm thick, hardened steel with approximately 12% chrome added to inhibit oxidation. Nominal etch depth is 16-22 microns +/-4 microns. Durability is at least 250 thousand impressions.

No Chrome – 10mm thick, hardened steel. Best resolution and etch bottom consistency due to the structure of the steel. Excellent for CMYK. Durability is at least 250 thousand impressions.

Record – 0.5mm thick. These cliches are affixed to the print like a photopolymer or laser engraved cliche, using a magnet base plate. Resolution is similar to low chrome steel, and durability is slightly lower.