Features : Is a high-performance built-in pad printing machine with a PLC control and an interface that allows it to be integrated or linked to peripheral devices/systems.

  • fully electromechanical High speed Pad Printing machine


ModelRapid 2000/60-1Rapid 2000/60-3Rapid 2000/60-90Rapid 2000/60-130
Single Cycle-YesYesYes
Continuous Run-YesYesYes
Ink/doctoring cup dia60 mm60 mm90 mm130mm
Cycles per hourMax 8,0001,500 – 6,0001,300 – 5,4001,700 – 4,500
Cliche size, max70 x 140 mm70 x 140 mm100 x 215 mm150 x 300 mm
Print image size, max55 mm55 mm80 mm120 mm
Pad stroke85 mm85 mm123 mm160 mm
Printing pressure (N) / (lbs)500 N/100 lbs500 N/110 lbs1500 N/ 335 lbs2000 N/450 lbs
Control Voltage-24 V/DC24 V/DC24 V/DC
Pad CleanerOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

All specifications are subject to change

Rapid (60, 90 & 130 cups)

Rapid (60, 90 & 130 cups)