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Pantone Color System

Pantone Color System

Pantone Color System

23 standard & special shades available in Ink types: B, B/GL, E, F, G, GU, GU-N, H, HS, K, L, LC, M, N, O, P, Q, R, RDF, S, TH, TP-CD, TP-PP, UV-RDF, W, LOGO

Standard Colors Shade Card

RDF Rotary Pad Printing Ink

RDF Rotary Pad Printing Ink

type was developed on the basis of the experiences we have gained from our “P” and “R” ink types which have long enjoyed success on the market

Custom Color ink

All custom color inks are mixed and tested in our color laboratory based on your color artworks or specifications.

Thinners, Hardeners &  Solvents  include:

  • Pad Cleaner; Parts Cleaner
  • Cliché Wash Out & Ink Remover

UV- inks for CMYK photo printing

UV- inks for CMYK photo printing

UV Inks have a low share of solvents. Drying takes place by means of UV light.
UV ink is available in the following ink shades: white / black, standard bright colors 02-23, CMYK, gold / silver, clear lacquer. Special ink shades can also be mixed on request.
UV ink is mixed ready for use, i.e. thinner does not normally have to be added. A corresponding additive is however provided if necessary.
Using UV inks saves you time-consuming and costly drying and since solvent does not evaporate from these inks, you can print with constant ink shades for longer periods which is particularly important to CMYK photo printing.
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Ideal color range for pad printing

920 Lemon

922 Light Yellow

924 Medium Yellow

926 Orange

930 Vermilion 

932 Scarlet Red

934 Carmine Red

936 Magenta

950 Violet 

952 Ultramarine Blue 

954 Medium Blue

956 Brilliant Blue
960 Blue Green962 Grass Green940 Brown 980 Black
970 White    
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Marabu Speciality Inks

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