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Surface treatment is proven effective on a wide variety of surfaces including ABS, ASA, EPD, ETFE, EVA, HDPE, LDPE, PC, PE, PET, PMMA, PP, PS, PTFE, PU, PVC, PBT, TPU TPO and many more. The different types of Surface Treatment Technologies are Corona, Atmospheric Plasma, Flame. Corona treatment is a surface modification technique that uses a low temperature corona discharge plasma to impart changes in the properties of a surface. Materials such as plastics, cloth, or paper may be passed through the corona plasma curtain in order to change the surface energy of the material. Atmospheric plasma systems are also ideal for clean-room applications. It is very similar to Corona treatment. The overall plasma density is much greater which enhances the rate and degree that the ionized molecules are incorporated onto a materials’ surface. Flame-plasma treatment generates more heat than other treatment methods, but creates greater surface energies with a longer shelf life. Flame treatment is commonly used to process injection and blow-molded products because of the thickness, size, and shape of the parts.


  • Gasless, Works in open ambient environment, no vacuum required
  • Utilizes Standard Industrial Grade Argon
  • Turnkey System Easily Interfaces With Any Production Line
  • Conveyor System Makes Parts Handling Simple and Easily Controllable
  • Works In-Line with any Marking/ Striping Equipment
  • Split Electrode Design Allows Easy Threading
  • All Solid State Electronics Makes Unit Safe And User Friendly
  • Stand Alone Unit, No Encoder Signal Required
  • Higher treatment levels.
  • Longer lasting, uniform treatment.