Features: The stainless steel cabinet, self-cleaning print head, and simple interface let you focus on your products. Model 43s provides high quality printing; it is for the users seeking an affordable printer that requires minimal attention by operators and maintenance staff.

  • Rugged stainless steel cabinet rated to IP53.
  • Automatic print head cleaning at start up and shut down, easy to use interface.
  • Internal pump eliminates need for factory air
  • Prints up to 3 lines of text, bar codes and logos at speeds up to 800 fpm (4m/sec)


Standard Features

  • Automatic print head flushing during start up and shut down
  • WYSIWYG message creation and editing
  • Maintenance due indicator
  • QWERTY keypad
  • Password protection system
  • Current and expiration time, date coding and shift coding
  • Continuous print capability
  • Multi-national character printing
  • Optimum throw distance 0.36-inch (9mm)
  • 25 message memory

Electrical Requirement

  • 110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • 200 VA

Data Input

  • Shaft encoder
  • Product detector NPN/PNP
  • RS232C serial port

Print Characteristics

  • Up to 1600 characters/sec./line
  • Print heights of 0.08 to 0.4 inches (2 to 10mm)

Inks : A comprehensive range of inks, including low environmental impact and substrate specific, for a variety of applications and industries

All specifications are subject to change

AMTEC can code to order, to meet a variety of specifications

To code for automatic identification: Bar codes

Broadway font


16 x 16 EXCEL 2D Ultra

7 x 24 EXCEL 2D

16 x 16 EXCEL 2D

16 x 24 EXCEL 2D

16 x 16 EXCEL 2D HR


To code lengthwise along cable, tubes, pipes

To emphasize whole message or specific characters


Katakana, Kanji, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew and other unique-character





Special graphics and corporate logos

Variable codes: Alphanumeric/expiration dates, sequential numbering, work shift identification, codes that change automatically for different products traveling on the same line, and many more.

Small and Nominal Character Printing

Small and Nominal Character Printing

Small and Nominal Character Printing