Dryer features:

1.Overall Length:4 feet6 feet10 feet
2.Oven Length:3 feet4 feet6 feet
3.Conveyor Infeed:6 inches1 feet2 feet
4.Conveyor Exit6 inches1 feet2 feet
5.Oven Openings:6″ Maximum with adjustable doors 1 feet 2 feet
6.Belt Width:12 inches12 inches24 inches
7.Belt Type:PTFE Coated Fiberglass 12 inches 24 inches
8.Belt Speed Control:Analog, 0-10 range 12 inches 24 inches
9.Temperature Control:Digital 12 inches 24 inches
10.Heat Input:10”x20” IR12”x24” IR12”x24” IR
11.Maximum Oven Temp.:350°F450°F450°F
12.Power Requirements:120 VAC, 20A, 1- Phase208 VAC, 30A, 1- Phase208 VAC, 45 A, 1- Phase

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.