Hot stamping is a Dry printing method that delivers clean and consistent images on parts of all sizes with various geometries and textures. The print requires no solvent, hence no drying time and provides a high-quality, accurate, and durable image in one or more colors. At AMTEC, we offer hot stamping contract manufacturing services to meet a wide range of industry requirements. Our hot stamping capabilities also include heat staking and heat transfer, and we can print on various materials including coated metal, fabric, and plastics.

Hot Stamping Capabilities

AMTEC’s standard presses include 360-degree wrap-around and deliver various hot stamping options to accommodate the needs of most hot stamping applications. Our presses can be combined with specific modular accessories to accomplish a range of decorating needs. Our simple system controller requires no programming and provides diagnostics in plain language with the press of a button.

Our heat stamping machines can be tooled to provide heat staking along with heat transfer. The heat transfer process is a thermal printing method that relies on heat to transfer an image printed on a carrier material to a substrate. It can provide a comprehensive image or supplement another decorating process. Heat staking is a process that allows two different materials to be joined with heat. It raises the temperature of the plastic materials until they can be reformed, and the process results in no particulates or vibration damage.

Benefits of Hot Stamping

Hot stamp printing delivers several benefits over other printing processes:

  • Clean and Effective
    Hot stamping relies on metallic, mylar or paper foil rolls of pre-printed artwork, hence avoiding any messy and spill-prone liquids.
  • Fast and Accurate
    Hot stamping requires little setup and allows new colors to be applied with the change of a roll. Results are precise and consistent.
  • High-Quality Print Image
    Hot stamping provides clean and consistent image quality regardless of foil or pigment color. It creates a lasting bond to the substrate.

Hot Stamping Applications

Various applications rely on hot stamping services to print graphics, text, and other information onto substrates. The following applications use hot stamping:

  • Household and Consumer Product Packaging
    Products like conditioner and shampoo bottles, closures, caps, jars, mascara, creams, and lipstick containers are ideal for hot stamping.
  • Medical Devices and Products
    Hot stamping is excellent for surgical instruments, syringe vials, needle wrapping, diagnostic devices, orthopedic devices, endoscopic devices, cardiac devices, tubing, and catheters.
  • Electronics
    Cell phones, computers, and wires can be printed with hot stamping.
  • Appliances
    Food processors, coffee makers, irons, toasters, and blenders benefit from hot stamping.
  • Poly Bags
    Hot stamping makes poly bags seem more high-end and unique.
  • Branded Packaging and Labels
    Hot stamping provides an elegant and luxurious appearance to make a good impression on various packaging products.
  • Automotive Parts
    Hot stamping can leave an image on grills, trim, exteriors, mud flaps, trunk latches, dashboards, and other automotive components.

Hot Stamping / Heat Transfer Process

The hot stamping process involves heating an engraved die or mold, which presses and deposits the marking foil onto the substrate upon making contact. The foil consists of three layers, a color layer that contains a metallic or pigment dye, an adherence layer that provides a lasting bond, and a release layer that allows the die to be pulled away.

The foil is pinned between the hot die and substrate for a certain amount of time, known as dwell time. When the dwell time is sufficient, the press releases the pigment layer, which binds to the workpiece substrate with heat and pressure when contact is made with the die.

Why Partner With AMTEC for Hot Stamping Contract Manufacturing Services

AMTEC uses the latest in hot stamping machine technology that delivers fast and clean prints in one or more colors. Our hot stamping machines can print on various materials and surfaces with curves and textures that most printing methods cannot. AMTEC is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we can create high-quality prints that meet a range of industry needs.

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