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Laser Marking Machine & Automation Systems 

We are leading service providers and manufacturer of Laser Coding Marking & Automation Systems. Laser marking is a basic fundamental step for several manufacturers, and using this method directly into the automation system will eventually save your money and time in an efficient manner. Industrial laser marking machines & coding machine offers you one of the finest long-term cost benefits for your manufacturing business. Our laser systems offer complete precision and repeatable performance that suits your requirements in the best manner. We are fully accomplished by providing an automation system according to your specifications. Amtec has built and integrated laser marking systems that can integrate a range of CO2, fiber, and UV-based laser technology that can mark several materials including plastics, metals, wood, glass, and ceramics. We are ready to discuss your particular requirements in order to run exactly what you need to succeed. Our all machines meet the complete range of safety regulations and industry standards to suit your needs efficiently.

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