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When you need printing of the highest quality or the smallest size on your products or packaging, AMTEC’s EXCEL HR gives the results you want. It codes products and packages where space is at a premium and print contrast and clarity are critical. Manufacturers of electronics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, specialty products and others can now get high resolution ink jet printing on the production- or packaging-line.

  • Micro-Size Print with Great Legibility
  • The Reliability You Demand
  • Industrial Durability, Minimal Maintenance – Low Operating Costs
  • Easy-to-Read, Easy-to-Use, Less Hazardous Waste – More Running Time.

Line Speed Capability Single line of print: 5×7 matrix: up to 170 ft./min; 7×9 matrix: up to 99 ft./min; 10×16 matrix: up to 53 ft./min; 16×24 matrix: up to 25 ft./min
Front Matrix 5×7; 5×7 twin-line; 5×7 tri-line; 7×9; 10×16; 16×24; 16×24 twin-line; bar codes.
Character Height Selectable from less than 1/32″ (0.6 mm) to almost 1/4″ ( 5.6 mm )
Custom Characters Keyboard programmable characters
Data Interface 128-character ASCII code: RS-232C at baud rates selected up to 19.2kbps
Print Head Compact, stainless-steel 1.5″ (38 mm) diameter Printhead, Omni-directional capability.
Print Head Cable Vinyl-covered armored conduit twelve feet (3.7 m) in length.
Electrical Requirements Nominal 110 or 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz; 75 watts
Ink Wide range of formulations and colors
Ink Consumption Up to 270 million characters per quart of ink, depending on ink, stroke setting and adjustments.
Ink Consumption Up to 125 million characters per quart of ink (0.95l) depending upon ink, stroke setting and adjustments
Ink Colors Black; White; Blue & Yellow