Timing Belt Conveyors – System ZRF -P 2010

System ZRF -P 2010

The Timing Belt Conveyor System ZRF-P 2010 is designed for the transport of heavy pallets or products. The belt is returned completely protected within the frame profile, and the conveyor is an alternative to using a flat belt conveyor. Use of a timing belt allows for a higher torque to be transmitted from the motor. The frame is manufactured using our structural profile mk 2010, and the available T-slots offer the ability to attach stands, rails and other components such as sensors, for example

  • Head and Center Drive models
  • Loads up to 100 kg (higher on request)
  • Constant and variable speed packages
  • 200 – 1,000 mm widths, 500 – 6,000 mm lengths
  • Multiple lane options
  • Large variety of wear strips for optimum pallet placement

Timing Belt Conveyors – Timing Belt Options

Timing Belt Options

The standard timing belts are Urethane with either steel or Kevlar strand reinforcement. FDA/USDA construction available. The pitch is T10 (10mm) and the belt width is 30 mm (others on request). For special applications, various surface coatings are possible.

Timing Belt Conveyors – Stands


Using our modular Profile System we are able to offer you an enormous variety of stand options, including height adjustable stands for easy system adjustments. Other options include, but are not limited to, floor mounting brackets, rollers, casters and leveling pads.

Timing Belt Conveyors – Drive Version AA Head Drive, no motor for multiple lane designs

Timing Belt Conveyors – Drive Version AS Side Mounted Head Drive .

Timing Belt Conveyors – Drive Version BC Center Drive