Fiber laser machine that helps improve the profitability of your manufacturing process.

Provides : A superior marking performance on a wide range of materials.
Offers : Compact size for ease of integration into an existing workflow, or to occupy less floor space as a standalone marking unit.
Utilizes : A maintenance-free design with no laser consumables for years of trouble-free operation.

Compact Fiber Laser Machines Specification

Parameters: YLP-0.5/80/10YLP-1/100/20YLP-1/120/50YLP-2/500/50
Mode of operation PulsedPulsedPulsedPulsed
Energy per pulse (PRR=20kHz)mJ0.5112
Polarization RandomRandomRandomRandom
Central emission wavelengthnm1060-10701060-10701055-10701060-1070
Emission bandwidth (FWHM)nm<3<35-10<5
Pulse width, (FWHM)ns80100120500
Pulse Repetition Rate (PRR)kHz20-10020-5050-20020-50
Nominal average output powerWatts102050100
Output power (adjustable).%10-10010-10010-10010-100
Long term power stability%<5<52-5<5
Typical beam quality, M² 1.61.62<5
Operating voltageVAC110/220110/220110/220110/220
Max. power consumptionWatts16022010001000
Dimensions: Laser UnitInches5x14x6(H)5x14x6(H)6x16x6(H)6x16x8(H)
Dimensions: Work StationInches12x18x24(H)12x18x2412x20x2412x20x24
Red Laser Pointernm660660660660

All specifications are subject to change