Laser System is a combination of two (2) or more sub-systems which use Laser Technology and other technology for advanced manufacturing processes. Laser is a device that emits highly amplified and coherent radiation of discrete frequencies for several processes including but not limited to: Marking, Annealing, Ablation, Etching, Engraving, Scribing, Cutting, Drilling, Micro-machining, etc. These processes are used in development and manufacturing of aerospace, bio-medical, medical devices, semi-conductors, automotive and many other products. Laser offers consistent material processing and process control for some of the most stringent requirements.


These lasers are available in Infra-Red (IR); Green & Ultra-Violet (UV) frequencies for many specific applications. The laser sources may be Diode, Solid State or Flash-lamp

The IR Laser is used for marking on a variety of materials including metals, ceramics, titanium, monel, inconnel, composites and some plastics

The Green Laser is used for marking on some specific metals, composites and some plastics such as PE; UHMW; Delrin etc.

The UV Laser is used for marking on some specific metals, ceramics, alloys, delrin, silicone, TFE and PVC, PP, PE etc.

Laser Systems also include followings:

  • Laser Marking Machine;
  • Laser Etching Machine;
  • Laser Engraving Machine;
  • Laser Scribing Machine;
  • Laser Drilling Machine;
  • Laser Cutting Machine;
  • Laser Annealing Machine;
  • Laser Micro-Machining Machine;
  • Ceramic Marking;
  • Wafer Scribing;
  • Solar Panel Marking
  • 2D Matrix;
  • Logo Marking;
  • Product Identification
  • Date Code
  • Bar Code
  • UID Code
  • High Speed Processing
  • Serial Numbering
  • Coding

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Laser Processes

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Laser Features/Accessories

Laser systems

Laser systems

Laser systems