Features : Fully featured electronic model which is consistent and results in low maintenance pad printing system.
Attributes: Reliability and cost effectiveness and is also in favorable price range. Has the adjustable height against the X-Y cross table which is easy to setup. Automation compatible.


Model60 E90 E130 E
Single CycleYesYesYes
Continuous RunYesYesYes
Ink/doctoring cup dia60 mm90 mm130 mm
Cycles per hourUp to 1500Up to 1400Up to 1250
Cliche size, max70 x 140 mm100 x 215 mm150 x 300 mm
Print image size, max55 mm85 mm120 mm
Pad stroke onto cliché80 mm100 mm35 – 80 mm
Pad stroke20- 80 mm35 – 100 mm25 -120 mm
Printing pressure (N) / (lbs)450 N/100 lbs750 N/170 lbs1800 N/ 400 lbs
Air consumption per cycle1.3 NL2.7 NL6 NL
Pad CleanerOptionalOptionalOptional

All specifications are subject to change

Sealed Ink Cup (60, 90 & 130 cups)

Sealed Ink Cup (60, 90 & 130 cups)

Sealed Ink