Features: Continuous printing or printing 360°  wrap around cylindrical parts.  It can be integrated in an automated system as a printing unit or used as a standalone. Parts can be made in small to medium quantities.
Control: pneumatically 6 bar, Width of cliché cylinder: 50/100 mm, and diameter of roller pad: 200 mm

Used for : The ideal solution for printing on edges of small profiles, such as skirting-boards, cable ducts and bowed profiles is our high-quality edge printing machine.


  • Complex designs possible like marble or wood structure imitation
  • Output speed ranges from 5 to 30 m/minute
  • Highly scratch, UV and weather resistance of the prints (inside and outside use)
  • User-friendly and flexible operation resulting in quick design changeover (patented)


  • Engraved design cylinder based on sleeve technology (patented)
  • Closed inking chamber (patented).
  • Rubber transfer cylinder based on sleeve technology (patented)
  • Integrated cleaning of the transfer cylinder (patented)
  • Accurate design regeneration using synchronized print heads
  • Optional external speed control (following the production line)


  • Printing on soft or hard PVC or ABS profiles, sheets or edges with minimal thickness of 1 mm and standard maximum printing width of 540 mm.
  • Image repetition of 746 mm (decor cylinder with diameter of 237,5 mm).
  • Machine can be placed in-line into the production process directly after extrusion or be operated as stand-alone to print onto profiles, sheets or edges of any length


Part Number 00 01 73
Ink Residue Backup System Option
Pad Diameter (mm) 200
Cliche Cylinder Width (mm) 50/100
Print Image Width (mm) 30/80
Print Image Max Length(mm) 270
Adjustment Travel Vertical 100
Drive Unit (Internal/External) Electro Mechanical
Connected Load (KW) 1.0
Power Supply V/ Phase 230/V/1/N/PE
Power Frequency (Hz.) 50/60
Speed; Adjustable: (Cycles/hr.) 7200
Control Voltage (VDC) 24
Prefuse (Amps) 16
Pneumatic Supply Fine Filter (micron) 6
Printer: width (mm) Approx. 1200
Depth (mm) Approx. 1740
Height (mm) Approx. 880
Weight (Kg) 96