Used in : Pharmaceutical, packaging as well as automotive industries.

Features : With Manual Feeding the output depends on the operator and is approx. 900 cycles/h. In case of Fully Automatic feeding a maximum output of up to 3600 cycles/h can be achieved.

Options and Equipment alternatives

Available at semi- or fully automatic machine.
Can be combined with the series : VDUO , Rapid, Hermetic, Sealed Ink Cup E, Rotary.
Vario – Unit 60, 90, 130, 210 mm doctoring ink cups units freely combinable.
Safety Devices.
Handling and Feeding Systems.
Pre -  and after – treatment stations.
Optionally up to 12 jig carriers.
Compact enclosure.
Colors 1 – 6
Pad Cleaner: Optional

All specifications are subject to change

Module Systems

Module Systems

Module Systems