Placement of bright codes on dark surfaces is easy with the EXCEL P printer by AMTEC, the pioneer of pigmented-ink technology. The EXCEL P prints legible codes on videotapes, auto parts and other dark surfaces with all the reliability and easy operation associated with EXCEL Series printers. It agitates ink in the system consistently -even when the printer is not in full operation. The ink is stirred constantly when the printer is in operation, and once every 15 minutes for the rest of the time-all the time. As a result, not only are codes consistent, but downtime is minimal.
It is Simple to operate, has Industrial Durability, Versatile and Operating Cost is Low.


Line Speed Capability at 10 Characters Per Inch Single line of print: 5×5 matrix: up to 916 ft./min; 5×7 matrix: up to 611 ft./min; 7×9 matrix: up to 203 ft./min; 10×16 matrix: up to 157 ft./min; 16×24 matrix: up to 55 ft./min.
Print Rate Up to 1832 characters per second, depending on font.
Front Matrix 5; 5×7; 5×7 tower; 5×7 twin-line; 5×7 triple-line; 7×9; 10×16; 16×24; and bar code fonts (including reverse).
Character Height Selectable from less than 1/8″ (3.2 mm) to more than 1/3″ (8.4 mm)
Custom Characters Keyboard programmable characters
Print Head Compact, stainless steel 1.38″ (35 mm) diameter Printhead, Omni-directional capability.
Print Head Cable Vinyl-covered armored conduit twenty feet (6.1 meters) in length.
Electrical Requirements Nominal 110 or 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz; 75 watts.
Ink White poly, yellow ketone, white ketone, UV white.
Ink Consumption Up to 67.5 million characters per quart of ink, depending on ink, stroke setting and adjustments.

All specifications are subject to change

Bright Codes on Dark Surfaces

Bright Codes on Dark Surfaces

Bright Codes on Dark Surfaces